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Letter: Looking forward to trusting Gartin in state senate

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By Ami Duvick

(Oct. 19, 2010) I am voting for Tim Gartin on Nov. 2 because I believe he offers Ames a fresh new vision of leadership.

Tim is a tremendous husband and father, a businessman and attorney, Boy Scout leader and community volunteer, ISU alum and former ISU instructor, a native Iowan and a long-time resident and friend of Ames. He cares deeply for the people around him, treating every client, neighbor, friend and citizen as someone to serve and encourage.

 Tim is also smart, ethical, practical and rational. He knows what it’s like to commit to long-term projects, and he’s not afraid to stay in for the long haul and make tough decisions others may try to avoid.

The Iowa Senate – and our whole state – needs people like Tim who will lead the way in fiscal responsibility, family values, business-friendly practices and long-term planning.

He is a servant leader I trust as an attorney and friend, and I look forward to trusting him as our District 23 State Senator.

Servant leader?

Just what is a servant leader? I think I have only previously heard that used in a Christian context at church.

Public Schools and Gartin

I can't trust someone to be a good advocate for our public schools who home-schooled all of his chlldren. Maybe getting rid of our public schools is part of his secret plan to cut the budget.

get the facts

The Gartin kids attend Ames High School.

If you had children in Ames Middle School, you would agree with homeschooling also. Just read the Ames Tribune and see how many police calls are out to the Middle School. Or talk to anyone with kids in the Middle School and hear about the problems that are going on.

Or talk to the teachers there. The 10% ATB cuts the Culver Democrats put in effect hurt places like Ames Middle School.

No wonder people homeschool.

I wonder

Wonder where Branstad's 15% atb cuts will be made.


That's probably only because they HAVE to as you can't earn high school credits through homeschooling.

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