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Letter: 'Yes' vote provides funds for needed update

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By Jennie LeGates

Just as a family home needs periodic updating and restoration, so does our Ames Public Library.  Study after study shows that current our library use is equivalent to much larger communities than Ames with much larger facilities. 


The staff has been exceedingly creative in utilizing the existing space to service patrons new and changing needs, sacrificing adequate working space for themselves in the process.  But we have reached the point where we simply need new and re-imagined spaces to provide 21st century library services.

 The public overwhelming said they want the library to remain in its current downtown location utilizing as much of the current structure as possible, particularly the history Carnegie portion.  Anyone who has ever remodeled their house knows that this process cost considerably more per square foot than does building something from scratch, particularly when you are working with an old structure.

 The current bond issue to be voted upon November 8 provides the public share of the funds for this very necessary updating of our library and I urge a “yes” vote.

It is a no from me

I think the bond is too expensive and will be voting no.

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