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Letter: Other libraries didn't measure up to Ames'

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By Martha Ann Atkins

(Nov. 7, 2011) I am writing in support of the library bond issue.

 When my husband and I retired several years ago, we considered moving to other communities.  We made a checklist of amenities and quality of life opportunities that we wanted in such a community.  An excellent library was one item high on our list. 

As we visited these communities and investigated their libraries, the libraries came up wanting.  Having used the Ames Public Library for nearly 30 years, we have a very high standard for what a vibrant and comprehensive community library should include.  Community libraries in three different states were unable to meet that standard. 

Obviously, a high-quality community library was but one item on our checklist.  However, the standard set in Ames did play a role in our decision to remain here.

I am a regular library user.  I believe anything we can do to continue to improve our quality and to expand our services is worth supporting.  I am also delighted that this growth and expansion will take place in the downtown area.

 We have a real treasure in the Ames Public Library.  Please support its continued growth and development on November 8.  Vote YES for the library.

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