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Letter: Linked together to support vital part of community

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(Oct 25, 2011) We the undersigned support and will vote for the Ames Public Library's “Renew Your Library” bond issue. We have often been on opposite sides of issues. What links us together today is the realization that the library is a needed and vital part of our community.


The Ames Public Library is the rock our civic life is built upon. We stand united in asking you to vote YES on November 8th for the Renew Your Library bond issue.

Pat Brown
Dick Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Erv Klaas
Steve Koger
Dan Krieger
Jim Popken
Sue Ravenscroft
Dan Rice
Catherine Scott

no thanks

I will wait and vote through the school bond issue first.

Smart Growth people and AEDC people support the library!

Given the divided country/community this is a great letter.

The two groups of people that have traditionally opposed each other agree on library. Smart Growth people and AEDC people support the library! This is a uniting issue for the our community!

I'm voting Yes.

I'd rather not, also.

See my Rent Don't Build New opinion at "Letter: A limerick for the library".

not happening here

cant wait to vote against this.

Smart Growth Support has turned me off

I was going to vote for the library but now I see the Smart Growth Group is endorsing so I'm voting against. They are such a negative force in the community that not support anything they support. I was not pleased with Popken and Rice on the council, voted AGAINSt Klaas rather than for somebody else when he ran for council. I'm no on the library.

You don't have to like all the supporters to vote yes

I'll certainly be voting yes. Anything that this diverse group of people can agree on has got to be a good thing.

to Smart Growth

I too can't stand Smart Growth. Everything they touch goes right down the tube. Indeed, I agree that their letter is a disservice to the library cause.

That said, my family uses the library extensively. The increase in taxes is a bargain compared to the benefit we get from this vital public facility.

So I encourage all others who can't stand Smart Growth to do as me, hold your nose and support the library bond.

Bank President on Smart Growth???

Get grip!
This is a list of people who have put their differences aside and are supporting the library. You saw a name or two and jumped to the WRONG conclusion.

Pat Brown is a business woman (insurance) and never been part of "Smart Growth"

Dick Johnson is a business man (former owner of Story County Construction) and never been part of "Smart Growth"

Jeff Johnson is the head of the ISU alumni association and and never been part of "Smart Growth"

Steve Koger is head of Mc Farland Clinic and never been part of "Smart Growth"

Dan Krieger is former PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of Ames National Corporation (holding company for Ames First National Band) and Chairman of the Ames National Corporation Board of Directors and never been part of "Smart Growth"

AEDC not Smart Growth

Six people on the list are current or former members of the Ames Economic Development Commission.

Pat Brown
Dick Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Steve Koger
Dan Krieger
Jim Popken

Thanks for the info

This explains why Dan Krieger is on the Ames Tribune Editorial Board.

Some of these comments

Stand for everything that's wrong with Ames. Regardless of endorsement by ANY group, I'm voting for the library bond because I believe in the value it will bring to Ames.

Some of these comments

Stand for everything that's wrong with Ames. Regardless of endorsement by ANY group, I'm voting for the library bond because I believe in the value it will bring to Ames.

Smart Growth - I have a grip

Fully half of those who signed this letter (see below) are from Smart Growth and have opposed growth in Ames that serves the community, but is not paid for by taxpayers, i.e. medical facilities, retail, housing, the type of essential growth would help pay for nice to have things like a bigger library. I'm voting against the library and encouraging others to do so also. On second thought, I'm about to retire - I could vote for the library and then move outside the City, (I live in Ames partly to avoid commuting) - say between Ames and Ankeny - just what Smart Growth wants - growth outside Ames. I can still use the Ames library and I don't need to help pay for it, and I would have better access to retail.

Erv Klaas
Jim Popken
Sue Ravenscroft
Dan Rice
Catherine Scott


Not sure how I'll vote. I sure don't care for Smart Growth as they go up against anything that helps our community grow. These 5 have caused us a lot of grief.

Smart Growth

Don't you think the whole point of the letter was to show that people from what have historically been the "opposite sides" of many issues agree on this one? So, of course, probably everyone in Ames can find people on that list with whom they disagree (and agree) with.

That said, I hope absolutely no one supports or rejects this issue based on whether they historically have agreed or disagreed with the author(s) of this or any other letter -- I hope everyone studies the facts and makes up their own mind.

John Hascall

To I agree

I'm not Smart growth and they haven't caused me any grief. In fact, it has been reassuring to know that there's a group out there that doesn't let developers run roughshod.

Thank you Smart Growth. If I'm not mistaken, some of the smart growth folks were instrumental in getting us Ada Hayden park.

That said, I will be voting No for the library. In this economy, I can't see the justification.

I Guess We Agree on One Thing

I don't see a justification for the Library expansion, my biggest issue is that I think we are nearing a real tipping point for media distribution and I don't want to see our hands tied for the next 20 years paying off a bond issue for bricks and mortar when that is clearly not the direction for media distribution. We will need to make a big investment in electronic media distribution if we want to continue to be a top library and will not have it available. We will be locking in to pay for the next 20 years, for the library of 20 years ago. It makes no sense to me and I will be voting no.

No one "got us Ada Hayden Park" we all agreed to pay for it. I voted yes but thought it was poorly negotiated, who pays all that money for a played out quarry that is mostly a liability for the owner? The City could have done a deal with Hubbel to get it for next to nothing with some agreements for development. They got the development anyway with the reserve.

As for developers, I don't need to write a check when they build something. They are providers of an good (developed land) to willing buyers. Everything Smart Growth wants to do involves forced investment by the taxpayers. They only support development by government - there are not willing buyers. Smart Growth brings ZERO to the table for investment in the community. Developers, though I don't agree with everything they do bring millions.

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