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Letter: A limerick for the library

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By Jim and Jeri Prescott


Our Ames Public Library's a treasure
Its programs and services bring pleasure
    The staff is first-rate
    Books are up-to-date
Ames folks are lucky beyond measure.

Alas there are needs to address
Energy is wasted, we confess
    Circulation increases
    Book space decreases
How do we plan for future success?

In your hand is APL's fate
On election day-November 8
    Our motive you may guess
    We hope you will vote yes
Renewing our library can't wait.


sorry, but:

Schools come first. I can't justify 20 million on a library. I will wait for a new school bond.

Rent floor space, don't build new.

It has been my opinion all along, and ignored, that the Library should Not build a "new" library, but keep what they have, renovate it as needed, and then rent floor space in West Ames and at the Mall, as branch libraries, so people have easier access to information. Building a new library over the existing one does not solve the miserable parking problem. Not always is there room across the street in the large parking lot. But most of all, building a new library only remains easily inaccessible to citizens living further out from the downtown areas. Two branches are more practical, and far less costly.


I think you might be right, actually. I don't think they considered the terrible parking. I think it is too much money to spend.

Sorry, but schools Did come first

Schools came first, and people voted no. That's no reason not to move ahead with the library.

afraid not

You mean one school, and one select part of the community put themselves first, or in other words, the self servers. That is why we voted no, as all parties were not being served. We are moving on with a better plan.


But I'm expecting on November 9,

Hear I sit all broken hearted...


Limericks bring laughs anatomical
In a space that is quite economical
but public anger is waxing
about all this taxing
so support for the bond is just comical

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