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Letter: Library offers many services not immediately noticeable

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By Paul Readhead

(Oct. 11, 2011) Ames has an exceptional public library.  This is the result of years of hard work by a dedicated staff, the Library Board, hundreds of volunteers, and the support of thousands of patrons.   Many of the services the library provides are not even noticeable unless someone has a specific need and seeks them out. 

My wife and I recently volunteered in Honduras for three months.  We used a language learning program, Byki, to study Spanish online before we left and while in Honduras.   We were unaware of this extremely helpful program until we inquired at the information desk about what was available.    Byki provides access to almost 100 languages and is a very comprehensive learning program.  

On November 8th we will decide whether to continue to support our library at a high level or allow it to slip.   Our elected officials have usually made cuts in programs like this while supporting programs that are more emotionally charged, but often less functional.  Let us set an example for our elected officials to follow.    I encourage you vote YES on the Ames Public Library bond referendum.



Paul Readhead, Ames

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