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Five advance to statewide spelling bee - CORRECTED

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Press Release

(March 1, 2011) Five youth from the Ames area have qualified for the Knights of Columbus State Spelling Bee this weekend. The competition will be held on Saturday,  Sunday, March 6, at St. Cecilia School in Ames.

Jubilee Horton, a homeschool student,will compete in the 4th grade division.

Benjamin Moats, a student at Fellows Elementary School, will competed in the 5th grade. Joel Stahr, of St. Cecilia School,  is a 5th grade alternate.

Sandeep Stanley and Andrew Thatcher, both who attend Gilbert Middle School, will compete in the 6th grade division.

The five advanced to state from a regional contest held earlier in Waukee.

They began their competition at a Feb 13 spelling bee hosted by the Ames Knights of Columbus at St. Cecilia School.  Thirty-three 4th - 7th graders from the Ames area competed.

 The results were:
4th Grade
1st Place - Jubilee Horton, Homeschool
2nd Place -  Abbas Kusow, Fellows  Elementary School
3 rd Place  - Moriah Conner, Fellows Elementary School

Others competing:
 Katlyn Carr, Meeker Elementary School
 Olivia Fink, St. Cecilia School
 Laura Lynch, St. Cecilia School
 Kegan Peters, Homeschool
 Ben Simodynes, St. Cecilia School
 Lindsey Snakenberg, St. Cecilia School
 Hannah Thatcher, St. Cecilia School
 Sam Wildeboer, St. Cecilia School
5th Grade
1st Place - Benjamin Moats, Fellows Elementary School
2nd Place -  Joel Stahr, St. Cecilia School
3rd Place -  Oliver Goche, St. Cecilia School

Others competing:
 Henry Bennett, St. Cecilia School
 Lisa Cochran, Sawyer Elementary School
 William Contento, St. Cecilia School
 Laura Emery, Meeker Elementary School
 Trinity Jones, Sawyer Elementary School
 Andrzej Koziel, St. Cecilia School
 Isabel Polashek, St. Cecilia School
 Ryan Weber, Gilbert Middle School
6th Grade
1st Place -  Sandeep Stanley, Gilbert Middle School
2nd Place -  Andrew Thatcher, Gilbert Middle School
3rd Place -  Kaitley Peterson, Ames Middle School

Others competing:
 Hira Azher, Ames Middle School
 Kyle Emery, Ames Middle School
 Omar Kusow, Ames Middle School
 Thomas Row, Homeschool
 Adam Simodynes, Gilbert Middle School
 David Vigil, Ames Middle School
 Harrison Walker, Ames Middle School
7th Grade Winner
1 Isaac Stahr, Gilbert Middle School

Date Correction

The State Spelling Bee will be SUNDAY, March 6, 1pm at Saint Cecilia School.


Tim Simodynes
Ames Knights of Columbus

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