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Council denies liquor license to Club Element/Chasers

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Logo courtesy of City of Ames

By Andrew Duffelmeyer

(Oct. 12, 2011 - 10:30 a.m.) The Ames City Council has denied a liquor license renewal for Club Element and Chasers, with longtime City Councilman Riad Mahayni saying the business's renewal form was one of the worst he's ever seen.

The council voted 4-0 to deny the renewal, despite bar owner Scott Davis appearing to address the council's concerns.

Ames Police Commander Geoff Huff did not recommend a license renewal for the business, which is located at 2401 Chamberlain. The bar is three levels and over 14,000 square feet, with a capacity of just under 500.

"With the very high number of calls for service, underage patrons in the establishment, and apparent inability of the staff to make improvements after continued contact, I cannot recommend renewing their license," Huff wrote in a form to the council.

During the last 12 months the bar turned in 108 fake or altered ID's; had 47 citations; and police responded to 116 calls in and around the business. There were also 28 false alarms at the business over the last year.

Davis failed to pay over $600 in fees for those false alarms and they were turned over to a collection agency. He also owes over $2,000 in unpaid parking tickets to the city.

Huff outlined several situations at the bar that concerned police, including a patron under the age of 18 being in the bar; an employee of the bar found inside at 2:53 a.m. with a blood alcohol content of .221; and a gate not being watched after the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game.

"It appears there are times when people just aren't watching the door," Huff said.

The city has also received approval from the county attorney to file a charge against the bar for over-serving during a compliance check, Huff said.

Davis said he rewards employees with $15 for each fake ID taken, and 90 percent of employees have attended police ID training. He also said he's fired employees that don't carry out their duties.

"We've had a lot of turnover this year," Davis said. "We're constantly looking for the right combination of door staff and floor staff to rectify the situation. We always try to find door staff that is not a student on campus so we're not having any conflict of interest there. But we had some kids that made a lot of mistakes and those kids are no longer with us."

City Councilman Peter Orazem asked Davis what happened this year, noting last year the bar had just eight violations.

"In 2007 there were 44 violations, obviously you caught the attention of the council at that time and then for the next three years there had to have been a conscious business decision to do as well as you did," Orazem said. "And it strikes me there had to have been a constant business decision to go in the opposite direction."

None of those things ever

None of those things ever happened when Luke owned the bars he should have never been allowed to leave

remember fester and brian and

remember fester and brian and luke bartending fridays. those were the best fac's ever.


About deleted time

club element

should shut down element period.


Deleted due to multiple allegations of illegal activity and racially motivated behavior.


The city is trying to dump anything that won't fit into their vision for campustown.

Campus Town

I agree, it will start with the bars and then the restaurants will go next. Hell why not throw the Fire Department onto Duff? Small businesses are not generating enough tax revenue for the city, but parking and apartments will? #checkyourstats

Re 2020

U are an idiot!!!!! It's not only black people who cause problems and ur an idiot for saying that. Every drunk individual is capable of everything u just said regardless of race. Ive seen plenty of drunk white boys start plenty of fights on welch. Get over being a racist it's n not going to get u very far these days!!!!!!!!!


When does this take effect? Where will I get 5$ fishbowls on fridays!!!!11!!!11!!!!111!!!!!

Not even shocked

All went down hill when Mikey left and deleted due to name calling and allegation of intentional commission of illegal acts.  Should have deleted due to allegation of questionable business practice wouldnt have had to worry about all this deleted - we don't allow profanity on the website.

About time

I worked for the club for only a short time and in that period I learned one thing... Davis is deleted due to name calling.  Deleted for allegations of illegal activity. H My pay would range anything from $5 per hour to $9, where everyone else was pulling in close to $15. Deleted due to allegations of undesirable behavior and business practices. Eventually it got to a point in the season where I was not getting any more work, I was no longer scheduled. I tried to call him over twenty times over the next week, never once getting an answer or a call back. I will say, much of the problem did come from football players from outside of Ames Deleted due to allegations of undesirable social behavior. Now Scott told us that 18 and up nights received no profit past the cover charge (since they were'nt buying alcohol, SUPPOSEDLY), so if those nights were such a drain, then why would continue them? Its simple business logic. Davis brought all of this upon himself.

RE: 2020

In the past 20/20 has been known for a lot of bad things that carried from Bali Satay! its not a specific race that is the problem at 2020. It sounds very ignorant to try to start a problem with another bar because your obviously a fan of Element. In the past 6 months especially there has been quite a few changes at 2020 including staff, ID classes, Dress code and continuous monitoring of doors. Element is a very non-class bar and is known as an underage hangout. In my opinion it a great move on the city to decline them their liquor license!


Not surprised, this place has had so many issues with the police department. Deleted for alleging information not a public record or verifiable fact and the ban they received on Budweiser stuff and and for allegations of unethical business conduct  is no surprise to those who know how the place is ran.

​Deleted due to allegations of undesirable behavior

​Deleted due to allegations of undesirable social behavior.​​Deleted due to allegations of undesirable behavior and business practices.​​Deleted for allegations of illegal activity.​​Deleted due to name calling.​​Deleted due to name calling.​​Deleted due to name calling.​​ but I'll save that story for another day.


In my opinion the city has been to lenient with this establishment up until now. Having a well defined city code with strict enforcement is better for everyone. Businesses and citizens alike will know what the law is and everyone is treated uniformly.


Element is the most classless bar in campustown. Good Riddance losers.

Welcoming Community

I thought we were going to be a more welcoming community? Where are the people who what to be at a stinky lawless hip-hop bar supposed to do now? Many inner-city urban areas have a number of bars like this and they are well attended and enjoyed by many of the residents. Are we saying if they move to Ames they need to change and conform to other standards? So much for welcoming. One person's dumpy hole of a bar is another persons favorite hangout.

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